On the picture, we can see a man, probably a child, around 12, that seems scared about something. We've found something next to the camera that used to capture it, we've quickly seen it was a paper. We read it, and what it was written was... Terrifying:

September, 21st – After I've lost a game, they bet me I wasn't strong enough to stand in the dark. So I prove them I can. I'm in this "haunted" house right next to mine. Ah! They probably think that I'm scared right now!
September, 22nd – Passed the entire night in the dark. Nothing happened, but I heared some strange noises. But that's not creeping me out!
The same day, night – I see something very strange in the dark. No! I must stay 3 days ago IN! I won't creep me out!
September 23rd — I've took a photo of me, if anyone needs something to clear if...
Then, I can't read, this is too much blood on it...

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